Accolades & Press


The Wine Advocate - June 2016 Scores (June-2016)
Martha Stewart Weddings Placement (May-2016)
Food and Wine Magazine (Apr-2016)
Crave (Mar-2016) (Mar-2016)
Forbes (Feb-2016)
Saveur (Feb-2016)
Wine Enthusiast (Feb-2016)
Charles Smith Wines Celebrates 10 Years (Feb-2016)
Business Insider (Feb-2016)
Charles Smith in Wine Business Monthly (Dec-2016)
LA Magazine (Jan-2016)
Conde Nast Traveler (Jan-2016)
Bon Appetit (Sept-2015)
Wine Spectator Insider (Sept-2015)
Winemaker Charles Smith Opens Jet City, (July-2015)
NYTimes - T Magazine (July-2015)
Peek Inside Charles Smith's Urban Winery (June-2015)
Robert Parker's The Wine Advocate Scores (June-2015)
InStyle Magazine (Dec-2015)
Parade Community Table (Dec-2015)
Wine Spectator Top 100 of 2015 (Dec-2015)
USA Today (Nov-2015)
The Daily Beast (Nov-2015)
InStyle (Nov-2015)
Wine Spectator - CS Likes it In Seattle (Oct-2015)
Tasting Table (Oct-2015)
Martha Stewart Weddings (Oct-2015)
Made Man (Oct-2015)
The Daily Meal (Oct-2015)
Wine Spectator Insider (Oct-2015)
Wine Enthusiast "Winemaker of the Year" (Nov-2014)
Wine Spectator Feature on Charles Smith (Oct-2014)
Seattle Met Best Washington Wines (Sept-2013)
Summer Wine Pics - Cosmopolitan Magazine (Aug-2013)
Sunset Magazine Wine Tour in Walla Walla (Aug-2013)
Wine Business Monthly - Charles Smith (July-2013)
Esquire Magazine - Summer Cookout Recs (July-2013)
Kung Fu Girl featured in Details Mag (June-2013)
Robert Parker's Wine Advocate (June-2013)
Wine Spectator Smart Buy and Best Value (Dec-2013)
Stephen Tanzer Intl Wine Cellar (Nov-2013)
Food Network Magazine with Kung Fu Girl (Nov-2013)
Wine Spectator Insider October (Oct-2013)
Seattle Metropolitan (Sept-2012)
Wine Spectator Insider (Sept-2012)
Wine Spectator News (Aug-2012)
Wine Spectator (Apr-2012)
Details Magazine (Feb-2012)
Wine Spectator Top 100 Wines (Dec-2012)
Wine Spectator Top Wines & Top Values (Dec-2012)
Intnl' Interior Design Assoc. Award (Nov-2012)
Wine Spectator Scores (Nov-2012)
Stephen Tanzer Intl Wine Cellar (Nov-2012)
Sunset Magazine Intl' Wine Awards 2012 (Nov-2012)
Wine & Spirits Best Buys 2012 (Nov-2012)
Food & Wine Magazine - Anchor Bar (Nov-2012)
Wine Enthusiast Scores (Oct-2012)
Food & Wine (Best Halloween Wines) (Oct-2012)
Wine Spectator (Charles & Charles Rose) (Oct-2012)
Robert Parker's Wine Advocate (Sept-2011)
Wine Spectator (Aug-2011)
Food & Wine (Aug-2011)
Wine Enthusiast Buying Guide (Dec-2011)
CNN Eatocracy (Oct-2011)
Wine Spectator Insider (Oct-2011)
Field & Stream (Oct-2011)
Wine Enthusiast (June-2010)
Chicago Tribune (Apr-2010)
Wine Spectator (Dec-2010)
Paul Gregutt Book (Jan-2010)
Martha Stewart (July-2009)
Paul Gregutt Royal City 100-Pt (May-2009)
Wine Enthusiast Top 100 (Dec-2009)
Food & Wine (Nov-2009)
Food & Wine Winemaker of the Year (Oct-2009)

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